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Snorkeling & Diving Tours in Caribbean

In Costa Maya, snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the most popular activities. And it’s easy to see why. With the region’s powder-soft white sand and warm turquoise ocean, it’s the perfect environment for being underwater.

Costa Maya snorkeling is varied and there are over 70 sites to explore. A snorkeling excursion will add some color to your vacation - literally. Bright tropical fish fill the ocean in these parts, thanks to the world’s second-largest barrier reef. Costa Maya snorkeling will bring you up close to some amazing coral formations. And you might even see turtles and sharks!

Costa Maya scuba diving is also out of this world. Tour guides will make sure you’re in safe hands as you plunge into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. You can explore some of the deeper sections of barrier reef on a scuba dive. It's an incredible opportunity to take in the colorful surroundings of this precious marine ecosystem.

Check out our range of Costa Maya scuba diving and snorkeling excursions. There’s sure to be something you find appealing!

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