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Costa Maya is a beach lover's paradise. Its coastline is over 60 miles long, so there are plenty of beaches to choose from. And depending on your favorite activity, you'll be able to tan, fish, or snorkel to your heart's content. In Costa Maya you'll also find first-class beach resorts where you can relax and catch some rays.

Costa Maya is home to the area's main cruise port, which sees up to four cruise ships dock at a time. The closest beach to the cruise port - and perhaps the best beach in Costa Maya - is Mahahual. It's a lively, popular place that's perfect for an easy-to-access onshore excursion. And, best of all, you'll find the beautiful white sand and turquoise ocean you've been dreaming of. There are loads of bars and restaurants to choose from too, so you can kick back and enjoy your ideal beach day.

Other favorite Costa Maya beaches include Xkalak, a great fishing beach that's one of the quietest in the region. Maya Chan Beach is a resort beach that’s super popular with visitors. Bacalar Lagoon beach isn't actually by the ocean, as it's a lake. But it's excellent for swimming and has all the water activities you could ever dream of.

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