The Top 8 Water Tours in Grand Cayman

Snorkeling, boating or sailing oh my! Grand Cayman's crystal-clear waters are one of the many reasons people choose to visit, so if you want to enjoy those waters to the max, make sure to checkout one of the water-based excursions, which you'll enjoy with the help of your very own tour guide.

If you want to jump in and get immersed, a snorkeling tour or scuba diving excursion will let you swim alongside tropical fish, take in the beauty of coral formations and even see beautiful sea turtles and exotic stingrays. If you'd rather stay on top of the water, you can join a boat excursion on a glass-bottom tour or spot wildlife amidst the mangroves. Rent a jet ski or rent your own yacht, where you'll be able to choose exactly what to do or what to see.

No matter what you like, or how long you'll stay on the island, Grand Cayman has a water activity for you.

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