The Top 11 Cultural Tours in Ocho Rios

As far as cultural tours from Ocho Rios go, it’s tough to look past the iconic Bob Marley’s Nine Miles excursion. You’ll be all about ‘One Love’ by the time you’ve explored the reggae legend’s birthplace which has now become a monument to his childhood, music, and impact on the community. Yaaman Adventure Park mixes thrill-seeking activities with the opportunity to really get to the heart of Jamaican culture. You can take a guided tractor-drawn open-air carriage ride around the 1,000-acre property or learn to make traditional dishes at a cooking class with a stunning sea view.

The Pelican Bar is another great place to get a taste of true Jamaican culture. What began as the dream of a local fisherman has turned into a favorite hang-out spot for many islanders - and more than a few tourists. This hut erected a mile out at sea is the ideal place to while away a couple of hours with a cold Red Stripe beer and maybe a fresh lobster lunch.

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